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Into the Unknown

This enchanting song from Disney's Frozen 2 perfectly encapsulates the magic in the madness of hearing voices. What do they want? Why won't they just leave me alone? What if in listening, I lose myself? And yet ... how can I just turn my back on this mesmerizing mystery when it alludes that there is so much more to life - and to myself?

Fascinatingly, even the visuals here resonate with my experience. The shimmering, free-flowing energy that dances around her as she embraces the experience are uncannily similar to the faerie visions that courted me in the months leading up to me developing psychosis.

I post this in hopeful expectation, but amidst a flurry of fears, as I choose to embark on my latest voice-fueled adventures: tuning into the messages of the chakras, and being guided to work with my ancestors.

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