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My Experience of Psychic Attack: An Independent Confirmation

I want to record a milestone in my journey with psychic attacks—namely, that my experience has been independently confirmed by another person.

A few nights ago, my partner and I were sitting in my living room, having a conversation. We were not talking about my psychic attack experience, and those energies were not notably present (it tends to come and go and is less obvious when my mind is occupied). Then there was a lull in the conversation as I prepared to go outside to smoke.

After a moment of silence, the voice of my attacker swooped in out of left field. “Spoiler alert…” she said in her usual snarky manner. I knew that couldn’t precede anything I wanted to hear, so in order to interrupt the transmission, I immediately turned to my partner and told him what had just happened.

He looked utterly shocked. “I just now felt her presence standing behind me,” he said.

Apparently, moments before I heard the voice, my partner sensed the presence of my attacker (someone he knows very well, but whom he has never perceived in this way) standing right behind him, her body turned towards me. He didn’t hear any words, but he said he could feel the energy she was putting out—he used the word “invasive,” and described it as “like a socially awkward teenager who’s being disruptive.” I have never described the energy this way, but it definitely fits the bill. He said he was going to ask me if I was hearing anything at that moment, but he was afraid that implanting the suggestion would freak me out and trigger more activity. So he held his tongue—only to have me immediately confirm that she was accosting me.

My immediate response to this miracle was fear. Somehow, despite the innumerable times that her energy has shouted at me in my head or even produced physical sensations in my body, the thought of her presence in the room with us was too much, like we had just seen a ghost in a house that was only rumored to be haunted. But as I sat outside smoking and calming down, I began to experience waves of giddiness. For the first time since the psychic attacks began over two and a half years ago, I now have the closest thing I am ever going to have to proof that it is real.

Now, certainly one could make the case that I’m just crazy, and now my crazy has infected my partner; perhaps his experience is affected by the power of my suggestion. But there is no way to explain that we both perceived this event independently, free of any suggestion or even relevant conversation, at the exact same time.

The toll this took on my partner was immediate. He has always assured me that he believes me when I tell him about the psychic attacks—but it’s one thing to believe something, and quite another to experience it for yourself. Where once he believed, he now knows. And this is not a world to enter into lightly. My partner is a very “love and light” kinda guy, God bless him, and there is little room for this experience in his world. Mine is a world of shadows. People can be perfectly nice to your face, and be simultaneously tearing you apart psychically, without even realizing that they’re doing it. While we have no proof that everything I’ve heard or experienced has been real or free of distortion, he now has to accept that at least some aspects of what I’ve heard and experienced are legit. And this opened up a whole can of worms for him. “I just don’t know what’s real anymore,” he confessed, loath to step into a world where one’s unconscious shadow can be powerful enough to undermine the intentions of one’s conscious mind, as we have observed with my attacker. I can’t blame him for his reluctance to accept this, as it does come with a pretty overwhelming sense of powerlessness when you realize that there is an entire unseen aspect of reality, and we really have no idea how it works.

The toll this has taken on me is of a different sort. Yes, I feel less alone with this burden now that my partner and I can be certain it’s not just in my head. But the high of that revelation quickly faded as we returned to the original problem: even now that we know it’s real, what the hell do we do about it?

My boyfriend is hopeful that now that he has a more direct understanding of this energy, he can work with it directly in ways that I, as the victim, cannot. He has been experimenting with pushing back on this energy and on conversing with her in his mind, with some success. Unfortunately, some of his efforts seem to have been met with a retaliatory effect on me ... but I am honored that he is willing to try this for me and hopeful that it will yield results soon.

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