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In my journey through spiritual awakening, psychosis, and the mental health system, I have come across numerous resources that are of value to me, both in understanding my circumstances and in navigating how to cope. The list below is a work in progress that I hope may be of use to you on your own journey.


My favorite spiritual teacher and go-to resource. An internationally acclaimed speaker and author and the leader of the "Love Revolution," Matt Kahn embraces a heart-centered approach to personal and collective healing and evolution as we navigate the choppy waters of Ascension (the planetary transition to a higher level of consciousness). Matt Kahn was a formative figure in my spiritual awakening; I have had the privilege of seeing him speak in person multiple times, and even in one-on-one dialogues, he has never led me astray.

For anyone who is curious about the Sidhe, our cousins in the Faerie realm, this book (and the accompanying oracle deck) is an excellent resource. The author dialogues directly with (and even teaches courses with) an ambassador for the Sidhe, who speaks very eloquently about our shared history, the differences between our peoples, and how we can be of service to each other.

Mental Health

This documentary follows multiple people who hear voices, and explores the connection between so-called "psychosis" and spiritual awakening - specifically, how it is interpreted in Western cultures (as an illness) vs. indigenous cultures (as a spiritual gift).

An excellent scholarly article examining the similarities between clairaudience (self-professed psychics who hear voices) and psychosis (hearing voices as a mental illness). Spoiler alert: the symptoms are almost indistinguishable; the main difference is that psychics perceive the voices they hear as a positive experience that is in their control, often based on how that experience was initially received/framed by other people.

An invaluable and comprehensive resource for voice-hearers and their loved ones, offering everything from education and research to facilitated online and in-person support groups. Their focus is on understanding and representing the experience of hearing voices from an objective perspective instead of through the lens of mental illness.


Hands down, the best and most comprehensive resource for researching psych meds online. I peruse the medication reviews here like it's my job. Also great for scoping out potential drug interactions and side effects. Before you commit to trying a new med, do your research! Better yet, come into your next psychiatric appointment armed with suggestions of what you'd like to try!

An go-to for anyone who is sick of the medication merry-go-round and wants to try a different approach - a personal journey well documented on this site. I had the pleasure of meeting the author years ago, when I was first navigating the intersection of spiritual awakening, psychosis, and psych meds. A lot of great resources here.

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